Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Protesters Attack UK and German Embassies in Iran

Demonstrators threw stones, firecrackers and at least two petrol bombs at the German and British embassies in Iran on Tuesday, in renewed protests about the publication of cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammad. The protesters, mostly religious seminary students, chanted: "Death to Tony Blair", "Death to Britain" and Death to America".

Cheers erupted among the crowd of about 200 protesters when a petrol bomb was thrown over the high wall surrounding the British embassy compound in central Tehran. READ MORE

Stones and firecrackers were also thrown at both diplomatic missions, breaking some windows at the British embassy, Reuters journalists at the scene said.

Violent protests have taken place in Tehran outside the embassies of Denmark, Norway, Austria, France and Britain over the caricatures, which offended Muslims worldwide.

The size and intensity of the demonstrations have fallen somewhat after various Iranian officials urged protesters not to attack or damage foreign embassies.

"Europe, Europe this is the last warning. Mohammad is the Prophet of compassion, America is the cause of all misery," the crowd of about 50 chanted outside the German embassy.

Protesters outside the nearby British embassy compound brought with them at least five donkeys draped with the flags of countries such as the United States and Denmark and a dog wrapped in an Israeli flag.

The demonstrators also chanted slogans insisting on Iran's right to develop nuclear technology.

Riot police kept the crowds on the opposite side of the street from the diplomatic missions.