Friday, March 10, 2006

Elderly Female Iranian Writer Beaten up at Rally in Tehran

Potkin Azarmehr, Azarmehr Weblog:
Simin Behbehani, one of Iran's greatest contemporary poets and writers was amongst those women who were beaten up in yesterday's rally in Tehran. "They were armed with guns, electric batons and other things. They attacked the young women, showing no respect or mercy, they punched and kicked us, it was mayhem and I don't even know why it happened. The few hundred women had gathered in the corner of the student park listening to a speech, in a peaceful manner. They would have left the scene shortly after, had they been left alone. READ MORE

All of a sudden these policemen raided the park and dispersed us, however some of the women started a small demonstration and walked around the park and started singing, it was a beautiful scene; this did not last too long and police quickly dispersed them also by kicking them, using batons, etc.
The crowd were scattered in the Vali-asr and Jomhoori avenue with the police in the middle trying to seperate them.

I am not worried about myself, I am very upset however for the fellow young Iranians in my country who justified their animal-like behaviour by wearing police uniforms. Although I don't want to blame them all, there were a few of them who acted humanely, but most of them did not think before they acted.

It's regrettable that these young men behaved in such a savage way, we women will not be stopped by such attacks."