Tuesday, March 28, 2006

An excellent question

Sheema Kalbasi, Zaneirani: an Iranian blogger has a question.
I don't get it. How come all these sympathizers of the Iranian regime have the permission to live in the U.S., and vote for the Iranian regime or some of them announce their presidency candidacy for the regime, and later become CNN analyst or Middle East consultant and work for number of prestigious organizations while others get the black stamp in their passport! READ MORE

You say no? I myself know several people who were rejected in the American embassies around the world for reasons as simple as perusing education in the U.S. universities!

I know an Iranian medical doctor who was first given the U.S. visa and a few minutes later while waiting in the hallway of the embassy with president Clinton's picture hanging opposite from his seat... was recalled in to get a rejection stamp! His only chance was getting a new Iranian passport within the next few days and applying for a U.S. turist visa in another town. And I am not even mentioning how I was treated at the American embassy in Copenhagen while holding my travel document in 2000 (a year later I got my Danish passport and I didn't need visa to the U.S.)

Instead of going after innocent people and terrorizing their lives what about the rotten cheese at the corner shop!