Sunday, March 05, 2006

Iran Arrests Nuclear Spy

Yahoo News:
Iran has arrested a nuclear spy who allegedly passed classified information to arch-foe the United States over a 10 year period. The Kayhan newspaper reported Sunday "the man recently arrested had given inside information from (Iran's) Atomic Energy Organisation to the United States". READ MORE

"He was arrested on the same charges before, after he expressed regret over his past action and but in order to arrest his accomplices, he was released. Later it became evident that he is still spying for the US," it added.

The paper did not elaborate on the reasons behind the spy's release by Iranian authorities in a country where spying is usually punishable by death.

It was not clear what information was given to the United States. Iran insists that its nuclear drive is a transparent effort to generate electricity and the Islamic regime denies allegations it is seeking nuclear weapons.

Kayhan also said that an employee of Iran's state telecommunication company has been arrested for selling Iran's fibre optic plans to the US, but gave no further details.

In 2004 Iran said that it had arrested a dozen people on suspicion of spying on Iran's nuclear programme for US and Israeli intelligence services.