Sunday, March 12, 2006

Support NITV - The Main Iranian Opposition Communication Tool!

SMCCDI (Urgent Action):

Dear Freedom Lovers, Dear friends of the Iranian people,

One of the main bridges of communication with Iran, which is the Los Angeles based "National Iranian TV" (NITV), has been forced to cut off its satellite broadcasting due to financial problems.

Such a bad timing couldn't have come at a worst time, as; the well trusted and popular NITV has prepared, since months, the ground for massive demonstrations at the occasion of the banned "Tchahar-Shanbe Soori" (Fire Fiest) on March 14th. READ MORE

At this time, NITV programs can only be seen via Internet by visiting:

But only less than 10% of Iranians, living inside, have access to Internet and in many areas the accesses are controlled or blocked by the Islamic republic regime.

The interruption of NITV's satellite programs would for sure harm the grass root movement and the activities of underground groups which have placed many hopes in this satellite TV network for massive mobilization and a better coordination.

NITV has also granted its airtime in the past to groups, such as, SMCCDI and thereby helped create a bridge between the opposition groups and the people of our nation who are struggling for liberty and a just system of government that has no place for theocrats or any religious political ideology associated with a future Iran.

For in this struggle we are engaged in, the leaders of the disreputable and wholly unpopular Islamic Republic regime are the tyrants and terrorists in our people's midst, sponsoring it abroad, conducting it at home, and staining the honor of our nation with the blood of our countrymen, as well as, the blood of the innocent throughout the entire world.

We ask from all people of good will to help out financially as able to do so, to support directly NITV as quickly as possible so it can resume its satellite broadcast programming for Iran. Such noble action is vital and of the most importance, especially, with the approach of key dates which are the celebration of Iran's National Heritage Ceremonies qualified as "pagan" by barbarian Islamists.

We call on the US Legislative body and the State Department to consider immediate proper measures to support this trusted and irreplaceable digital tool which is necessary in the freedom process of Iran.

These legitimate aspirations for liberty cannot be obtained in isolation or silence, and NITV is essential to the contact that we and other non-violent opposition groups have inside Iran.

With this line of communication re-opened, we can better defeat the deception tactics of the Islamic Republic regime, and better inform the people.

There are 2 ways you can forward your financial support:

1) Bank wire or transfer:
Wells Fargo Bank
215 Alamo Plz # A
Alamo, CA 94507
Phone: +1 (925) 820-9164
Account holder: NITV
Account # 8581272179
Routing # 121042882

2) Direct online donation:
Via the well trusted Paypal and by visiting the NITV website located at:

Don't let down, thousands of Iranians who are looking to NITV, for an effective coordination and loud expression of their rejection of the Islamic regime, at the occasion of the banned "Tchahar-Shanbe Soori".

NITV's contact references are as follow:
21050 Irwin Street
Woodland Hills, CA 91367 (USA)
+1 (818) 716-0000 Phone
+1 (818) 716-0023 Fax

Thank you for your consideration and support in this most urgent matter!

Millions of Iranians are looking for this light in the darkness of Iran!!
You're their only hope!!!

United We Stand!
Divided We Fall!

The "Student Movement Coordination Committee for Democracy in Iran" (SMCCDI)