Saturday, March 18, 2006

Tehran Bloggers: The Festival of Fire was celebrated with rallying cries for freedom

Iran Press News: Translation by Banafsheh Zand-Bonazzi.
The fires that burnt on this years' Festival of Fire (Chaharshanbeh Souri)* are unforgettable. The flames of this fire set the Tyrants ablaze from head to toe as the youth of our land, Iran, mingled the sounds of their cries for freedom with the celebratory cheers of this national festival and echoed it all around the streets of the nation.

In the streets of different cities all across Iran, from Tehran to Zanjon, Mash'had, Babol, Tabriz...fires blazed in such a way that felt inextinguishable. This crimson and unruly fire represented the force of our opposition and resistance, which sooner or later will explode into the sweeping national wrath of the Iranian youth, confronting the brutal forces that have annexed our Iran and our Persian heritage.

One of the reports announced that in certain areas in Tehran and townships people were saying: "The City has been liberated; the security forces and oppression units have no power or control over the people and youth who have poured into the streets."

Iranians all across Iran have joined hands and without heeding the threats and warnings of brutality by the regime's disciplinary forces enthusiastically and rapturously took to dancing and celebrating; they launched fire crackers in front of the special guards patrol cars blocking them from entering into areas where people were assembled. In many instances the guards and the disciplinary patrol units were faced with angry protests and forceful encounters with people, which scared them into scampering out of the area in fear for their own safety. Iranians then victoriously chanted anti-regime slogans. READ MORE

As an example when one of the regimes disciplinary forces commanders showed up at the Gisha neighborhood of Tehran to arrest 3 youths who were in possession of fire crackers, he was faced with an entire neighborhood that came to the aid of the 3 youngsters; the area residents surrounded the guard and his posse, forcing them all out of Gisha all together.

Young Iranians perceived on that day, that the path to victory and freedom from the clutches of the bloodthirsty Mullahs, either hardliner or the so-called reformists is in continued resistance and forceful protests.

Fellow Iranians and Youths of the Nation,

You lit a flame that burns bright and it will continue to burn until we obtain our ultimate victory

Society of Young Bloggers of Tehran

*This is an ancient Persian celebration, predating Islam by a couple of thousand years; it marks the approaching of the Iranian New Year (which is also pre-Islamic), celebrated on March 21st, the Vernal Equinox. People build small bonfires and jump over the flames to purify and purge themselves of all the negativity and pain of the passing year so that they can begin the New Year with a clean spirit and fresh outlook. During this celebration, it is also customary to light sparklers and throw fireworks. Since the beginning of the Islamic Revolution, the Mullahs have done everything they could to dissuade the people of Iran from continuing these Persian celebrations, calling them pagan in an attempt to eradicate the Persian heritage from Iran.