Saturday, April 22, 2006

Increasing number of pro-democracy protests in Iran

Korosh, The Price of Freedom: an Iranian blogger
For someone in the west to hear some of the reasons that the students in Iran are protesting might sound really unbelievable that the students in Iran are not enjoying the most fundamental right of every human being and in this case students the following are some fo there examples:

The reasons that the Rajae university student first raise up was for segregation in the school by government officials!

Insulting behavior by them!

Lack of free news paper and funding for the students!

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Alama University students raise up because the university officials fired a professor (for his political views) and they were against this discrimination of the university officials against this professors political views (which was pro democratic).

Sharif University rose up because the Islamic supported militia forces also known as Basij were trying to bury a dead body in which they claimed was one of the war heroes back in Iran and Iraq war and this also raise up the complain of the family member of the person as they call it so they are trying to turn the university a place to study and to do research into cemetery! So the students raise up against this plan of the government to abuse those people for their political purposes.

Yes this sound hilarious to people and that is why the students in Sharif university not only were shocked by the news but were insulted by it because this was a plan to turn the university to a place were the Islamic Extremes would rally their support for the regime! READ MORE

Keeping in mind that the vast majority of the Iranian are against this back ward ideological regime which is forcibly trying to impose the Islamic laws and Arab culture on Iranian who by the way despite many people’s knowledge are not Arab and are Persians and there is a great different since Persians have a great and rich history but now its been take hostage by a foreign ideology which has came from Arabs even though Persians were among the first people who believed in God in Zoroastrian religion which was the first monotheistic religion in the world.

And by the way the first declaration of human rights came from Persian
Where the worse case of human right abuse is taking place!