Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Iranian Test "Highly-Advanced Flying Boat" and Two Missiles

Following are excerpts from footage of an Iranian Revolutionary Guards Navy test of a flying boat and two missiles. The footage was aired on Channel 1 of Iranian TV. READ MORE

Reporter: For the first time, a highly advanced flying boat was tested successfully, in the waters of the Persian Gulf by the courageous members of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards. Following are some of the features of this highly advanced flying boat: A velocity exceeding 100 knots per hour. Unparalleled maneuvering capability. It can be used efficiently throughout the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman. Its advanced design makes it undetectable by any naval or aerial radar. It has the ability to soar swiftly over the sea. The most important thing is that this highly advanced flying boat was built entirely in Iran. This boat can launch [missiles] and fire while moving, and has the ability to track the target with extreme precision.

IRGC General Mohammad Rahim Dehghani: This vessel is manufactured by the aircraft industries of the Iranian Defense Ministry, and it has already reached mass production. In this maneuver, we officially incorporated it in the naval combat doctrine of the Revolutionary Guards. A flying vessel, which cannot be tracked by any naval or aerial radar, is the best tool for the Revolutionary Guard Navy's combat capability. Since this vessel is capable of carrying and launching different types of weapons, it can be very effective and can influence our combat capabilities.

Reporter: The main stage of this great maneuver, named after the Prophet of Islam, included today's experiment of two additional advanced missiles: the shoulder-launched missile Misagh 1 and the surface-to-sea missile Kowsar. Misagh 1 is a heat-guided anti-aircraft missile. Its special qualities include its velocity, its tracking ability, and its portability, which allows it to be fired by a single person. Misagh 1 is the number one enemy of combat helicopters.

And now for the Kowsar missile. This surface-to-sea missile is equipped with two very advanced systems for precise fire control and for target tracking. Its most important quality is that no jamming system in the world can prevent this missile from tracking its targets.
To view the video click here.