Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Mass Execution At Evin Prison

SMCCDI (Information Service):
Reports are stating about a mass execution that took place, today, at the infamous Evin jail located in North Tehran.

9 un-identified victims were hanged in the facility in which tens of political activists are being held including several student activists.

Several other executions are to take place, in the days ahead, according to an intelligence plan to spread more fear among the population and especially among the exasperated Iranian youth. An increasing number of Islamic regime's agents, its supporters and their interests are becoming the nightly targets of underground groups having lost any hope for a peaceful change in Iran. READ MORE

Armed attacks, acts of sabotage and arson have been in sharp raise in most Iranian cities despite the very well known consequences if the authors are caught.

The Islamic regime murdered, in 1987, several thousands of inmates following a quasi defeat in the war against Iraq. Most political activists were liquidated following speedy trials in which the current Ministry of Interior, Poor Mohammadi, played a major role.