Monday, April 17, 2006

Reformist Clerics Anxious About Nuclear Programs

Meysam Tavvab, Rooz Online:
In their meeting with ayatollah Khamenei the leader of the Islamic regime, members of the reformist Association of clergies “Majma-e Rohaniyun Mobarez” raised their concerns about the country’s nuclear programs and policies. They called on Khamenei to take responsibility for the nuclear policies, which according to them sway from day to day and contradict official announcements made daily by different senior officials. READ MORE

The members of the Association also criticized the limited scope of talks with the US, as announced by both parties and asked Khamenei that the government consider the views of all the major political factions and groupings of the country so as to form a national consensus on the nuclear issue.

It should be noted that this meeting took place just a few days after the major reform organizations and groups around the country sent a letter to Khamenei, calling on him to take leadership and control of the nuclear policy and issues of the country.

Also present in the meeting between Khamenei and the reformist clergies, were former president Mohammad Khatami, a prominent reform personality and former editor of influential Salam newspaper Mousavi Khoeniha, the moderate-turned cleric Mousavi Bojnourdi, and a member of late ayatollah Khomeini’s leadership office Tavasoli.