Friday, May 19, 2006

9,000 New “Political Guides”

Meisam Tavab, Rooz Online:
A new line of activity has begun in the Passdaran Revolutionary Guards Corps that aims to organize those who have a similar political outlook and ideology. The purpose of this initiative, which is undertaken by the political bureau and particularly the “Political Guidance” office of the Passdaran is to coordinate and organize all other individuals at the senior levels of the Guards and provide them with ideological input.

Abdollah Davarzani the deputy at the Guards responsible for political guidance recently made this announcement and said that currently there were 3,735 passdars and more than 5,261 baseej mobilization individuals who have been organized as political guides. Reports indicate that this network will gradually shape the minds of all groups connected to the Passdaran Revolutionary Guards and the Baseej, including their families. READ MORE

The details of this indoctrination program have not been revealed beyond this, but analysts believe that this is a response to the weakening convictions of the families of the passdars and baseejis regarding their trust of senior officials of the Islamic regime. Other observers attribute this new initiative to be the response and preparations for a possible military attack on the country following the crises that has engulfed regarding Iran’s nuclear programs.

It should be noted that a recent seminar titled “Entegal Ababil” which was held on the day commemorating the US attempt to rescue the American embassy hostages held in Iran, the leader of the Esteshhadiyun group (martyrs brigade) claimed that some 55,000 had signed up throughout the world using the internet as volunteers to perform suicide missions for the country.