Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Christian Iranians Protest in Iran

Ken Timmerman, Iran.org:
New photographs available from recent protests by Christian Iranians in the Northwest city of Ourimieh, in West Azerjaijan province; and from student protests in Tehran.

Worried at the dramatic growth of Christianity in recent years, Ahmadinejad pledged in November to drive Christians from Iran. "I will stop Christianity in this country," Ahmadinejad reportedly said.

In Gorgan, in the northern province of Golestan, an Iranian Christian who converted from Islam 33 years ago has been held incommunicado by the secret police for the past three weeks, the Christian news service Compass Direct reports. Ali Kaboli, 51, was taken into custody on May 2 from his workshop in Gorgan. No charges have been filed against Kaboli, who has been threatened in the past with legal prosecution for holding "illegal" religious meetings in his home, says Compass Direct.