Friday, May 05, 2006

Iranian Solidarity Council: Seeks united front for regime change in Iran.

Iranian Solidarity Council: A Press Release
With the latest nuclear standoff over Iran’s nuclear program and the Islamic Republic’s defiance of the United States and other Western nations, a strategic military invasion anecdote of Iran has been on the forefront of the media.

The Iranian Solidarity Congress categorically and unequivocally condemns any military action that jeopardizes the territorial integrity of our nation and endangers the lives of its peaceful people.

Our goal and foremost agenda, in support of the people of Iran, is the complete removal of the current regime, using a nonviolent movement and the establishment of a democratic system which coexists in peace with all its neighbors and rejects terrorism. READ MORE

We also believe the nuclear energy research, intended only for peaceful purposes, is the undeniable right of Iranian people. Clearly, this concession should only exist in a political atmosphere which respects the autonomy of other nations. Unfortunately, the Islamic Republic’s current effort to achieve nuclear power status is an effort to maintain their totalitarian rule and extend their hegemony through terror beyond their borders. It is clear that the regime’s attempt to gain nuclear technology will not serve the best interest of the Iranian people. It is apparent that the Islamic Republic seeks to provoke western democratic nations to military action against Iran for the sole purpose of the regime’s survival. We condemn such sinister techniques.

The Iranian Solidarity Congress calls for a united front from those nations which are fighting international terrorism along with the Iranian people, in seeking a regime change in Iran. The removal of the Islamic Republic regime would not only free the Iranian people from their oppressive government, but would fundamentally enhance peace and stability in the Middle East.

We support the introduction of a resolution to the Security Council that would pave the way for smart economic sanctions and an embargo against the regime. The smart sanctions should be exclusively focused upon the individuals controlling Iran’s totalitarian government. The resolution should not include any elements that would adversely impact the already debilitated economic welfare of the Iranian people.

The self-appointed totalitarian regime of Islamic Republic bears no legitimacy within the public domain. We categorically reject their claim as the government representative of Iran. We condemn all legitimizing dialogues, negotiations or contractual relationships by any nation with this regime.

The regime uses Iran’s national resources and assets to secure profitable contracts to gain the support of a few select permanent members of the Security Council, and thereby prevent the passage of unfavorable resolutions which would limit the regime’s clandestine nuclear activities. The Iranian Solidarity Congress rejects these contracts and the manipulative approach. We call upon all the members of the Security Council to cease their relationship with the Islamic Republic. We request the permanent members of the Security Council to join the overwhelming consensus of the Iranian people to confront this oppressive regime. Those nations who stand beside the people of Iran will secure a long term relationship with our country that will outlast the life of Islamic fundamentalist regime.

The Iranian Solidarity Congress is asking the brave men and woman of the military, specifically the Bassiige Brigade, who pledged their allegiance to our great nation of Iran, to recognize that their loyalty lies with protecting our citizens rather than the safeguarding of a self-elected totalitarian and corrupt regime. We ask all military forces whose duties are to protect the borders of nation, to stand beside the people to confront the regime which had been provoking the West into a military confrontation for the sole purpose of extending their ruling life. To taint your hand with the blood of your brothers and sisters, during this critical time when the nation may be on the verge of foreign invasion, goes beyond betraying your oaths of allegiance, but is in fact treason to your nation.

The Iranian Solidarity Congress

Members of ISC are elected as individuals. Here is a list of some members
  • Iran of Tomorrow Movement: Dr. Taghi Alereza, Dr. Iman Foroutan, Ms. Homa Ehsan, Dr. Farhang Shafiei (England) …..
  • Pan Iranist Political Party: Ms. Mahin Arjmand (Germany) , Mr. Shahriairi (Iran), Mr. Kermani (Iran), and 4 more from Iran
  • Dr. Manouchehr Shojaee: High Council of Bachtiari Tribal Organization (Germany)
  • Mr. Cyrus – (USA)
  • Mr. Sadeghieh – Kian e Iran (Belgium)
  • Mr. Cyrus Asri - National Iranian Union Committee (Sweden)
  • Dr. Hassan Kianzad – Pro-Democracy Solidarity Movement (Germany)
Dr. Iman Foroutan added in an email: the “National Congress” we established last year. Representatives from both inside and outside Iran. When we first announced and established it last year, even one of the Mohammadi brothers as well as the top brass of the Pan Iranist party in Iran joined the congress and publicly announced it. Since then most of them were taken to count and a few put to jail. ISC was established based on the protocols IOTM and SOS Iran developed last year for electing an Iranian Congress in Exile. We are currently lending our expertise and experience with the renewed effort among different groups to establish a more encompassing parliament.
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