Saturday, May 13, 2006

Millions spent to show Indonesian support for Ahmadinejad

SMCCDI (Information Service):
Millions of dollars have been spent, by the Islamic regime's intelligence, in order to show an Indonesian support for Ahmadinejad, at the occasion of his trip to this country. The spent sum, estimated at over 12 millions of dollars, was in addition to the lucrative governmental contracts and the Islamic regime's promise of building a costly oil refinery in this country. READ MORE

This propaganda money, along with hundreds of shipped posters of Ahmadinejad and various favorable placards for various demonstrations, were distributed via some of the Indonesian Islamic centers and working circles which are on the payroll of the Islamic regime's intelligence. They were allocated to show a 'massive Muslim support' of Ahmadinejad and his regime to some naive reporters who are often disseminating face value news in reference to Iran.

The Islamic regime intelligence has millions of dollars of deposits in several banks placed under the Indonesian juridiction.