Thursday, June 15, 2006

80 thousand “on the spot” interrogations in Iran capital

Iran Focus: a pro-MEK website
Iran’s State Security Forces have carried out nearly 80,000 “on the spot” interrogations over the past two months in the streets of Tehran alone, according to the chief of police in the Iranian capital.

Police guidance patrols will continue in a serious manner in the capital during Summer”, Brigadier General Morteza Talai said. His remarks were carried by the official news agency.

“Since guidance patrols began in late April, police have issued 78,000 warnings, Talai said.

In the same period, 725 people whose actions and appearance were unacceptable were arrested, he added. READ MORE

He said that the objective of the police patrols was to root out “manifestations of social corruption”.

“We have conducted special coordination with judicial officials in the prosecutor’s office to deal with trouble-makers, thugs and hooligans”, Talai said.