Sunday, June 11, 2006

Iranians Cheer Iran's Team and Protest the Regime

Stefania Lapenna, Publis Pundit:
Despite the presence of the regime’s vice-president at the stadium, tens of Iranian fans cheered their team but also staged a significant anti-regime protest.

While the Islamic Republic’s national hymn was played, many Iranian fans sang the original Iranian national anthemn, named “Ey-Iran! Marze por Gohar”. The latter has been officially banned by the Khomeinist regime since 1979.

The same goes for the national flag, that is the Lion & Sun flag, used for thousands of years with small changes in the centuries, but abolished by the Islamist regime since when it took power in 1979. Since then, the regime imposed the current flag, whose symbol represents Islamism.

Iranians in Iran cannot wave their national flag, but many do it in the privacy of their own houses.

The most beautiful pictures of all, I think, are those showing Iranian female fans cheering their team while waving the original flag (they were among those fans who sang the original hymn) and dressing as every woman whose dignity is not offended by the Islamists and their imposition of the mandatory veil as in Iran.

Not only must the women in Iran cover their hairs and body, but they cannot enter the stadiums as well. This is the Islamist Gender Apartheid.

But in Germany the female fans were free to show their beauty, despite the presence of the regime’s vice-president!

Afarin (Congratulations) to these Iranian sisters!

And, outside the stadium, tens of Jewish, German and Iranian demonstrators have also protested against the regime’s authority’s presence.