Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Iran's former Oil Minister: Waiting for the End

Soheyl Asefi, Rooz Online:
Ali Akbar Moinfar, member of the Revolutionary Council of Iran and former minister of oil of the interim government of Mehdi Bazargan is now simply waiting for the 11th hour, the end of the current process. The prominent politician believes that unity is only a pipe-dream in Iran. Rooz Online held an interview with Moinfar, of which the following are excerpts.

Rooz (R ): What do you think will happen now that the 5 + 1 have submitted their proposal to Iran? READ MORE

Ali Akbar Moinfar (AAM): We must wait for the end of this process. When we get to that point, everything will be solved. I do not think we are there yet.

R: What is the direction of the current actions and reactions between Iran and the West?

AAM: Everything is moving us to that final point in the process.
Looking at Mr. George Bush’s recent remarks and the reaction of the Islamic Republic of Iran, it is clear that Iranian leaders wish to reply in the negative to the 5 + 1 proposal. When they do that, the issue will become even more serious and we shall be close to the end of the process then.

R: These days domestic media talk of unity. The leader of the Islamic regime too stressed on this during his recent meeting with the other leaders. Do you see this happening?

AAM: The only thing that has not happened and will not take place in this Islamic Republic is unity. Unity is a joke.

R: Why?

AAM: Unity between whom? When things are contradictory, unity is impossible. In mathematics too the first principle that must be observed is congruence. Currently I do not see any congruence so produce a formula. The only way out of the current impasse is a structural change in the power of the country.

R: What is the role of the opposition under these circumstances?

AAM: Wait and be patient.

R: Wait for what?

AAM: Wait for new opportunities.

R: What is the connection between such ‘new opportunities’ and US policies in the region?

AAM: They are important. The international situation is important.

R: The possibility of direct US intervention in Iran has raised the concern of democratic forces in Iran?

AAM: If it gets to that point, that will be another impasse. I hope a war does not take place but I suspect economic sanctions are likely.

R: Should that happen, where would events take us?

AAM: We will get closer to the end of the process.