Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Protest the Legitimization of Islamic Regime by the United Nations a petition.
Tehran chief prosecutor Saeed Mortazavi who is responsible for numerous imprisonments, tortures and executions in Iran is going to represent the Islamic Regime in the first session of the newly formed UN Human Rights Commission.

As reported by the Human Rights Watch and many other Human rights organizations, Saeed Mortazavi has spearheaded the judiciary's attack on press freedoms since the crackdown began in 2000. He is responsible for the closure of numerous newspapers, as well as the arrests and prosecution of journalists, which is detailed in the recent Human Right Watch report on Iran .

I strongly believe that it is a mockery of human rights if the chief prosecutor of a terrorist regime and one of the most notorious abusers of human rights, is allowed to sit on the human rights commission. Please don't allow the legitimization of a regime that has been systematically violating human rights from the day of its inception.

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