Thursday, July 13, 2006

Cleric Gorbani: We Do Not Accept These Human Rights

Yashar Saeedi, Rooz Online:
“Today through human rights they want to weaken the suppressed and deprived nations. We do not accept these human rights and announce that the US and Israel are among countries that violate human rights, they attack Islamic and independent states using the human rights stick.”

These are the words of ayatollah Gorbani, the representative of the leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran ayatollah Khamenei, in the province of Gilan who also happens to be the Friday prayer leader in the city of Rasht. He made these remarks at the seminar titled ‘Islam and Human Rights.’ The gathering was organized by the Islamic Human Rights commission last week at the Khatam al-Anbiah complex at the provincial office of the ministry of culture and Islamic guidance in Gilan province. The gathering was attended by Islamic scholars and teachers of law to explain the relationship between Islam and human rights.

Regarding the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Gorbani said, “Some believe, including myself, that there are good points in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. But the issues mentioned there belong to a different time and if a review took place today, some of the provisions will likely be replaced.”

“Gatherings like these cannot do justice to human rights. Only in the presence of those knowledgeable of contemporary issues, on top of whom is the leader of the Islamic Republic who is himself knowledgeable on human rights, the contending issues between Islam and the Declaration of Human Rights can be reviewed, culminating in a book on Islam and Human Rights. Once this charter is complete, it should be presented to the United Nations to be used as a supplement to the current Declaration. It is only than that we can defend human rights and consider it to be in accordance with the Sharia. Otherwise, we must recall that the human mind can falter whereas God’s revelations do not,” the cleric added. READ MORE

Today the world is watching the Islamic Republic. Any time we behave according to our religious teachings and instructions, we are humiliated, questioned, or reprimanded. They say we are violating human rights, whereas one of the basic principles of human rights is the principle of equality which negates the ‘right to veto’. For example the US threatens to veto any resolution against Israel, and this is contrary to human rights. The US is itself the leading violator among law breakers,” Gorbani continued.

In his talk, Gorbani accused the West of not observing human rights and said, “But when it comes to us, they raise havoc when we arrest a person who has written against our system and the revolution, and intended to overthrow the revolution.”

Another speaker at this gathering was Dr Mehrpour, professor at Beheshti University and former member of the Guardian’s Council who spoke of the commonalities between Islam and human rights.