Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Iran calls for Russia's more active role in Middle East

Iran Mania:
Iranian Ambassador to Moscow Gholam-Reza Ansari called on Moscow to take a more decisive role in solving the Middle East crisis and stopping Israel's barbaric attacks on Lebanon and Palestine, IRNA reported. READ MORE

He made the remark, while talking to the Russian radio station, Echo of Moscow.

Ansari condemned Israel's aggression on Lebanon and its demolition of the country's economic infrastructures and said that given Russia's influence and position in the Middle East, it can have a positive impact on solving the crisis.

The Iranian diplomat said that the extensive, unequal and preplanned attacks of Israel on Lebanon resulting in the death of hundreds of innocent people has been planned by the US to materialize its goals in the region which is executed by Israel.

In response to a question about the connection of Lebanese Hizbollah with Iran and Syria, he said, "One way to materialize the inhuman targets of the US and Israel in attacking Lebanon and confronting the Lebanese resistance forces is to attribute such resistance to extraregional parties."

Turning to Iran's support for the Lebanese people and government, he said that Lebanon's Hizbollah is quite active in social, educational and health fields and renders various services to the Lebanese people in these domains.

"Besides, Iran appreciates the activities in line with the unique resistance of Lebanon against Israel, while backing it with its spiritual and ethic supports," he added.

Replying to another question about Iran's refusal to recognize Israel officially, he said that the Israeli regime is illegitimate and has been formed by force.

"A legal government can only be elected in the occupied lands through free election. Followers of all religions and the Palestinian people should have a chance to elect such a government," he added.

The Iranian diplomat said that the current crisis is rooted in injustice, crime and discrimination.