Sunday, July 16, 2006

Last Day of Hunger Strike in London and Call from Reza Pahlavi

Potkin Azarmehr,
It was the last day of the hunger strike in London, which took place in solidarity with Iran's prisoners of conscience. Those who took part in the hunger strike had two common denominators. They were Iranians and they wanted to see the prisoners of conscience in Iran set free.

Whether they were republicans, monarchists, Left or Right, they respected each other for the hardship they put themselves through to publicise Iran's political prisoners of conscience.

Today there was also a pleasant surprise call from Reza Pahlavi. He spoke to most of the participants on hunger strike. Monarchists or Republicans, it didn't matter, they were more than happy to converse with Reza Pahlavi on the phone. READ MORE

What they all admired was that Reza Pahlavi backed any unified action in support of all of Iran's political prisoners, irrespective of who had called for it. Unlike some others who made five minute appearances and were quickly interviewed by the BBC Persian Service outside the Bush House and then quickly left, Reza Pahlavi wasn't after scoring political points for himself. What mattered to Reza Pahlavi most, was that we were standing side by side for a common goal, helping to create an Iran where no one will be harmed for their views.