Monday, July 24, 2006

Regime’s mercenaries attacking homes in Rasht to destroy satellite dishes

Iran Press News: Translation by Banafsheh Zand-Bonazzi. More.
Regime-run news agency, ENTEKHAB, in a report admitted that the Islamic regime’s mercenaries attacked houses in the city of Rasht with the excuse of confiscating satellite dishes.

The government news agency wrote that the regime’s disciplinary forces crush the equipment and corrugate the dishes so that they can no longer be used. This news agency in its report continued to describe the methods of surveillance, as well as search and seizure conducted by the regime’s militia which includes rifling through personal property, by the contemptible Islamic mercenaries. This report wrote: "The city of Rasht is in turmoil over satellite dishes. The officers search house to house and don’t even stop at people’s underwear drawers."

Meanwhile, the other regime-run news agency, Alborz, reported: "A top official in the bureau for combating social corruption [known in Iran as NAJA] which is made up of the regime’s disciplinary forces, announced a plan for the seizure of satellite dishes throughout the country. This official specified that this plan was designed by the executive and legislative branches and has been assigned for NAJA to carry out."

Alborz wrote: "This is the first time in six years where the executive, legislative and disciplinary forces have agreed upon the ban on satellites and there will be a concerted effort to enact this law.”