Sunday, July 02, 2006

Tehran proposes to accelerate construction of Iran-Ukraine oil pipeline
Iranian Ambassador to Ukraine Seyed Mousa Kazemi said it is necessary to activate construction of Iran-Ukraine oil pipeline during his meeting with Ukrainian Industrialists and Entrepreneurs Union (UIEU) President Anatoly Kinakh; informs citing the UIEU press service. Reportedly, Kinakh supported the necessity to strengthen energy component in bilateral relations. READ MORE

“I am convinced that it is necessary to develop projects enabling access of energy carriers from Iranian territory to very profitable European markets. Construction of oil pipeline is another priority. At present, it is necessary to unite efforts of Iran, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, and Russia in order to find ways for energy carriers’ transportation,” the UIEU president stressed. The Iranian ambassador said that his country needs Ukrainian support to produce compressors for petroleum industry and to construct oil plants. Also, he underlined expediency of building repair center for compressors delivered to Iran from Ukraine.

The Ukrainian side emphasized the importance of joint projects in mining and smelting, and agricultural complexes, in high-tech and intellectual production, and mechanical engineering. “We have to strengthen our cooperation in aircraft construction: An140, An148, and other projects are of great joint interest,” Mr. Kinakh stressed. The Iranian ambassador proposed to open a trade mission in Ukraine.