Saturday, August 26, 2006

Sunday's Daily Briefing on Iran

DoctorZin reports, 8.27.2006:

Senior Iranian official warns Iran may develop nuclear weapons.
  • Haaretz reported that a senior Iranian official warned yesterday Iran may develop nuclear weapons and pull out from the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) if international pressure against its nuclear program continues.
Ahmadinejad says its not a threat to anyone, while it shells Iraqi Kurdistan.
  • Xinhua reported that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Saturday that the Iranian people would "use force" to protect the country's disputed nuclear program as he inaugurated a heavy water plant. He added: "There is no talk of nuclear weapons and there is no discussion of nuclear weapons, we are not a threat to anyone." Lies of the day from Ahmadinejad.
  • The Times Online reported on the Secret war being waged in Iraqi Kurdistan’s isolated Kandil mountain range. Since April Iran has been bombing the area, an attempt by the Islamic republic to curry favor with Turkey.
Iran launches its heavy water production plant.
  • Yahoo News reported that a heavy-water nuclear reactor has entered another phase of production despite U.N. demands that Tehran shut it down; President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad inaugurated the heavy-water production which now has the ability to produce up to 16 tons of heavy water a year. The reactor is not scheduled for completion until 2009.
The Bush Administration prepares to form an independent coalition on Iran.
  • Los Angeles Times reported that the Bush administration officials have indicated that they are prepared to form an independent coalition to freeze Iranian assets and restrict trade.
More on Khatami's visit to the US - Write the White House now!
  • Iran va Jahan published a copy of a letter by Congressman Brad Sherman to Condi Rice saying a visit by the so-called reformist president would no doubt be utilized for maximum propaganda benefit by the Iranian government and that Khatami showed no interest in curtailing his country’s support for terrorism He asked her to deny the visa request.
  • LittleGreenFootballs reported that three days before the fifth anniversary of the 9/11 Islamic terror attacks, the Council on American Islamic Relations will host a dinner for the former president of the world’s worst terror-sponsoring state, Mohammad Khatami.
Power outage in Tehran sparks protests against the regime.
  • SMCCDI reported a major power outage resulted in sporadic protest actions, against the Islamic regime, as millions of Tehranis were paralyzed in their daily activities.
UN forces in Lebanon aided Hezbollah.
  • The Weekly Standard reported that during the recent war between Hezbollah and Israel, U.N. "peacekeeping" forces openly published daily real-time intelligence on the location, equipment, and force structure of Israeli troops in Lebanon. But did not do the same regarding Hezbollah.
Here are a few other news items you may have missed.
  • Reuters reported that Iran's oil minister has said the country believes the position of OPEC secretary general is its right.
  • Reuters reported that Saudi Arabia Foreign Minister Saud al-Faisal took a swipe at Arab countries which are close to Iran.
  • Rooz Online reported that from the moment of the fundamentalist take-over of the government, there have been many new Internet sites launched and most of these sites are in support of Ahmadi-Nejad.
  • Iran Focus reported that trade between Iran and Russia has fallen by half in the first quarter of the 2006.
  • A photo of Khatami's Friends.