Sunday, September 17, 2006

Iran... But does the west really want Mullah's regime to go?

I went through Washington Post's article (Bush's Message to Iran) and found it very interesting as it was a clever way to project President Bush's view without any negative political ramifications.

While I admire President Bush's frankness and great insight toward the Iranian people yet I strongly warn you that this will be misinterpreted by the Iranian regime as a weak action. Even Mr Bush deep in his heart knows that he can not trust the Iranian regime's intentions and there is no proper diplomatic solution apart from going in bed with this criminal regime.

Real, day-to-day Iranian people don't want nuclear energy, they want basic human rights, food and safe environment for their children. The prostitution, class A drug addiction is killing our children rapidly under the hands of this blood thirsty regime in Iran. When I talk about children, I mean kids around the age of 8, 9 and 10 now. READ MORE

No decent person in the power will allow his/her nation to be hungry and deprived from basic human needs then go and spend the hard earned cash for Nukes. We don't have to be a guru economist to figure that one out.

The situation with Khatami going to US is exactly a typical example of Good Cop Bad Cop scenario. Believe me, the Mullahs also watch Western Gangster movies and they know how to play the game with you. You are being fooled by your own tactics now.

Khatami moves to west and shows a kind face only to say "come on we shall get rid of Ahmadinejad together" as great civilized nations, we also agree he is insane, we don't want him either. These are all part of the game for the Mullahs to prolong their shameful existence.

They want to survive and they put their hands on any tricks they know. Please don't be so naive. Under the Khatami's ruling time they have also committed atrocities. If UN had the power to go to Iran right now and provide a mean for normal people to speak out freely, then you would see all the crimes these mullahs have done to their own people.

Just ask for a referendum in Iran supervised by the UN with a simple question from Iranian people, DO YOU WANT THIS ISLAMIC REGIME?, Yes or No.

That is all you have to do to see what is the reality in Iran. Mullahs divert the mind of everyone from this simple and basic question. As they know no-one in Iran really wants them. I urge you to bring this forward in your next interview with UN, the Whitehouse and/or the European Union. This is a very legitimate way to test the legitimacy of this regime and bring about all the coalition you need in the world to bring this regime down. BUT DOES THE WEST REALLY WANT THIS REGIME TO GO? You please answer this question.

Please, don't look for an easy exit to this global terror that Mullahs have created. They have projected us with the same kind face (like what Khatami is doing right now) before the Islamic revolution and before they got the power in their hands and then immediately they have suffocated all the voice of justice.

Khomeini, Khamenei, Khatami, Rafsanjani , Ahmadinejad, they are all several heads on the same Serpent's body. Their root is in the same injustice/corruption swamp and they all feed from one tyranny stomach.

I as an Iranian born person thank you, Mr Bush and the rest of the people in America for being decent and trying to solve this problem with peace.

However, we all know you can not sleep with a Serpent and now is the time to finish its shameful existence. As it is in its weakest moment right now.

In the name of truth