Saturday, September 02, 2006

Iran producing heavy water to fight cancer?
REMEMBER, KIDS– GOOD, AND GOOD FOR YOU! .. Don’t Mind Us, We’re Just Curing Cancer and AIDS With This Here Magic Elixir Tonic— Iranian Nuclear Chief Mohammad Sa’idi Explains Why Iran Produces Heavy Water: Drinking It Helps Fight Cancer and AIDS.” Utter nonsense, it would appear.. don’t try this at home, kids… (memri)

FACTS ON THE GROUND– “Ahmadinejad now has the capability to have a functional plutonium breeder reactor that enables the mullahs to have the option of designing either a simple gun-type weapon with enriched uranium or a more complex implosion design with either plutonium or uranium”; IAEA Finds Highly-Enriched Uranium In Iran. And more via LGF … (AT, CQ)

The site also includes a great collection of reports on Khatami's visit to the US.