Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Iranian Students Concerned Over Security Raid

Radio Free Europe:
Iran's largest reformist student group is expressing concern over yesterday's inspection of the main office of its alumni association in Tehran by security forces. The Office for Strengthening Unity (Daftar-i Tahkim-i Vahdat) says security agents took away all documents and computers. READ MORE

A spokesman of the group, Abdollah Momeni, told Radio Farda that the move threatens the activities of civil-society groups.

"These illegal actions against critics and human rights defenders threaten the life and security of civil-society organs and political parties, [students] are expressing concern over this situation and they also will protest against it to authorities," Momeni said.

The reformist student group has in recent months warned against the increase of government pressure on student activists.

The group has also called for the release of the leader of its alumni association Ali Akbar Musavi Khoeini, who was arrested in Tehran during a June 12 women's rights gathering.