Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Iranians Condemn Mullah Mohammad Khatami’s Crimes

Press Release, Iranian Solidarity Congress:
Mullah Mohammad Khatami has come to the United States to promote the agenda of the terrorist Islamic republic. Khatami has been a member of the mullah mafia since 1979, and he has been involved in the Islamic republic’s crimes against the Iranian people. Khatami’s claim that he is a moderate and a reformer is absolutely false. Khatami is not qualified to speak about Dialogue of Civilizations, since his uncivilized regime has tortured and murdered thousands of pro-democracy Iranians (political leaders, students, journalists, writers, lawyers, religious minorities, …). READ MORE

It is outrageous that terrorist Khatami has been given a visa to visit the United States during the fifth anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks that killed thousands of Americans. The 9/11 commission report states that several of the al-Qaeda terrorists who committed the 9/11 attacks traveled to Iran before the attacks. After the 9/11 attacks, Khatami’s regime harbored many al-Qaeda terrorists in Iran.

Khatami was president of the mullah regime while the regime was considered to be the Most Active State Sponsor of Global Terrorism. Khatami has actively supported the terrorist activities of numerous terrorist groups, including Hezbollah, Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

The mullahs are not sincere in the nuclear negotiations, and any negotiation with the regime is a waste of time. The mullahs have been using deception (“Taghieh”) as one of their religious principles for hundreds of years. They consider the nuclear negotiations to be a great way to buy time to continue their nuclear program. In addition to the known nuclear facilities, the mullahs continue their nuclear weapons activities in clandestine locations.

The mullahs will continue their terrorist activities and nuclear weapons program as long as the regime exists. If the mullah regime is allowed to acquire nuclear weapons, the regime will be much more belligerent and dangerous, and the resulting nuclear arms race will further destabilize the Middle East.

Khatami’s claim that the Islamic republic is a democracy is absurd. The regime allows only leaders of the terrorist regime to be candidates in its so-called elections. Since all pro-democracy political groups are banned by the mullahs, the fascist regime’s sham elections are not democratic and the leaders of the regime do not represent the Iranian people.

The Iranian people want freedom, democracy and human rights, and they realize that they cannot be free as long as the Islamic republic exists. Violations of human rights, lack of freedom of speech, and lack of freedom for pro-democracy political parties have caused strong resentment in millions of Iranians.

The Iranian Solidarity Congress strongly condemns the human rights violations of the Iranian people by the Islamic republic. The 35 pro-democracy groups that have formed the Iranian Solidarity Congress strongly urge all governments and human rights organizations to pressure the Islamic republic to free all political prisoners and stop violating human rights.

The Islamic republic is a menace to Iranians and the world. Just as dozens of other countries have transitioned to democracy in the past twenty years, Iranians can replace the mullah regime with a democratic government, and the process will be much faster with active international support.

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