Friday, February 18, 2005

Encourage PBS Frontline to air this important DOCUMENTARY!

Blog Iran:
Many of you might recall that PBS Frontline broadcasted the documentary by Jane Kokan who had traced the steps of Zahra Kazemi, a Canadian photojournalist who was murdered by the regime in the Summer of '03.

A new Documentary has made its way out of Iran and is currently being aired by Canadian Broadcasting’s Passionate Eye.

If you support the movement for freedom and would like PBS Frontline to air this new documentary, then join with thousands of others acrossthe blogosphere and contact PBS urging them to purchase and air this documentary.

Feel free to copy and paste (use) the following letter in your correspondence to PBS:

To contact PBS, click here!


Dear Frontline PBS,

As a long time and ardent fan of your award winning series and excellent documentaries I am writing to you to request that you consider purchasing and airing a tragically moving and remarkably poignant documentary called “Prostitution Behind the Veil, by Swedish-Iranian director Nahid Persson. You can read about the documentary here.

The documentary is also airing this week as part of Canadian Broadcasting’s Passionate Eye:

The documentary reveals the brutal and tragic underside of the Islamic Republic of Iran, where state sanctioned prostitution andheroin addiction under the aegis of Islam, are destroying an entire generation. The documentary also reveals the oppression and indignitiesthat women in the Islamic world are subjected to, much of which is simply never seen by the west and especially in the United States.

Much has been written about the state sponsorship of terrorism and thedevelopment of weapons of mass destruction by the Mullahs in Iran, very little though is ever written about the destruction of the Iranian people by a corrupt and terrorist Islamist theocracy. Most Americans have never really seen images of life inside the dreaded theocracy in Iran, nor have they ever had a chance to watch the ravages and destruction that this theocracy has caused in the lives of its people.

The filmmakers and addict/prostitutes in this documentary have taken great risks to reveal this hideous underside of the Islamic Republic of Iran, you can carry their message to Americans by purchasing and airing this documentary. As a Frontline and PBS supporter I strongly urge you
to purchase and air this documentary.