Thursday, February 17, 2005

Help for Iranian Bloggers

Bloggers without Borders says they are working to provide Iranians with a means to frustrate the regime's efforts to filter internet content. Their stated purpose:
Bloggers without Borders is a citizen journalism hub, dedicated to raising conscience for, and about, events around the world. We use the tools and exposure of modern guerrilla journalism as a means to lend a hand in the creation of awareness and outbound information management.
I haven't worked with this group, but it appears worth investigating. Their solution?
Unblock Iran: one of b19s’ first and still biggest goals is to provide an infrastructure that cannot be blocked by governments or organizations.

Tor: runs a Tor server inside the Tor network. Surf safely, fear less. You are strongly encouraged to check it out and spread the word - we’re also available to tor/privoxy users at kpegemhop7olf5gs.onion
We need our Iranian readers to provide us with some feedback on this service. Please let us know your thoughts.