Thursday, March 10, 2005

American invitees deported upon arrival in IRAN
Two American researchers Jeremy Jay Steven and Leonard Kniffel were deported upon arrival in Tehran, Iran’s Aftab Daily reported.

The two Americans were invited by the Iranian government to take part in the National Library’s inaugural ceremony where Iranian President Mohammad Khatami was also present. read more

Steven emphasized that he held a valid visa issued by Iran’s Interests Section in Washington.

Steven, former chairman of US Scientists Federation, currently heads a non-governmental political institution. Back in 1991 he helped the conclusion of an agreement between the US National Academy of Science and Iran’s Academy of Science.

According to New York Times, Iran’s representative to the UN, Mohammad Javad Zarif expressed regret over the incident, saying that the two American scientists were deported mistakenly and that he hopes no such incident happens again.