Thursday, March 10, 2005

Hillary Clinton to be Invited for Fundraising by Controversial Circles

SMCCDI (Information Service):

Circles close to some of the most notorious 'former' Islamic regime's apologists in the U.S. intend to consolidate their position among the highest levels of the U.S. Democratic Party, following the debacle they witnessed with the victory of George W. Bush.

The self-called "Iranian American Political Action Committee" (IAPAC) have some founders and members that were close to the Clinton Administration intend to invite Senator Hillary R. Clinton to a fundraising in Northern California, later this week. It's believed that the group plans to raise around 50 thousand dollars and is looking, also, to increase it's influence and is already betting on the 2008 U.S. presidential elections. read more

IAPAC was initially founded by Hassan Nemazee, Akbar Ghahary and Faraj-Alai who are still its' main contributors.

Nemzaee, who's a close friend of the Clintons was nominated to become the U.S. Ambassador to Argentina, In the same period Nemazee was also sent by the Clinton Administration to the World-Cup Soccer games played in France where U.S. and Iranian teams competed. The role of the Islamic regime in the 1992 bombings of Jewish centers in Buenos Aires still has not been totally determined.

An article published in Forbes Magazine lead the then U.S. Senate to not confirm him. Later becoming a board member of the so-called "American Iranian Council" (AIC), which is headed by the infamous Houshang Amir Ahmadi believed by many Iranians to be the "Broker of Death." Nemazee continues to publicly promote resumption of ties between the U.S. Administration and the Mullah regime.

Through Nemazee the way has been paved for his colleagues to reach the highest levels of the U.S. Demrocratic party. AIC has at its' dark credit the formal apology offered to Iran (meaning the Mullahs) by Madeleine Albright, the then Secretary of State; Sen. Joe Biden's 2000 fundraising at the IMAN Islamist Center in Los Angeles that is headed by Sadegh Nemazikhah who still a AIC Board member; and, various meetings organized between members of the Mullahs' regime like Mehdi Karoubi, and several U.S. lawmakers and members of the Clinton Administration. Senator Biden is well known for having tried to use of his influence within the U.S. Senate's Foreign Relations Committee to push for resumption of ties with the illegitimate Mullahcracy.

Soon afterward, Nemzaee co-founded IAPAC and became one of the main fundraisers for Senator Kerry's Presidential campaign. Despite his claims, he's suspected to have been one of the masterminds behind John Kerry's offer to re-establish ties with the Mullah regime and even to make a nuclear deal, if elected.

Exposed by SMCCDI, Nemazee sued the Movement and its'
coordinator for 10-million dollars, in May 2004. Seeking to muffle the SMCCDI, Nemazee's obvious legal maneuvers kind of backfired on him and his colleagues. The SMCCDI and its' coordinator will file a counter suit for damages and it's hoped that he'll be fined by the court for abusing the U.S. legal system.

These cases are still pending in Dallas.

Hiring the services of a money oriented and unscrupulous
public relations person named Eleanor Benador, to calm the scandal raised over the affair, Nemazee continues to make anything he is associated look bad. The New York based Benador who sells her services' despite claiming political integrity and benefiting from high profile names of distinguished scholars found on her website - was accused by several prominent journalists of conducting a smear campaign against SMCCDI, just before the Movement's Press Conference held at the National Press Club in Washington DC on October 14, 2004.

In Nemazee's first deposition made under oath in the presence of SMCCDI's defense team in mid-October of last year, he acknowledged hiring Benador and was forced to condemn the Islamic regime for rights abuses and underlined the dangers that it can create for the World.

He must legally make another but more detailed deposition, upon request made by SMCCDI's legal team. Mandatory mediation is to take place on March 15th in Dallas (Texas).

Nemazee recently threatened to sue Jerome Corsi writer of the famous and seven weeks best selling book entitled "Unfit for Command." The book had a major role in the defeat of Senator Kerry's Presidential campaign and Corsi has just finished another book entitled "Atomic
Iran" in which he describes some of Nemzaee's activities and links. The new book will be released on March 22nd already pre-sold of over 150 thousand copies.

The second IAPAC co-founder and treasurer is Akbar Ghahary founder of SAFAS Corp. and also a former AIC board member. He's known for having tried to raise fear among Iranians and desperately tried to rally them around Senator Kerry by making suspected paid TV appearances on Channel One TV and Tamasha based in Los Angeles.

He's also suspected of making frequent trips to the UAE, which is considered a key economic door to Iran that has been placed under U.S. embargo.

Despite claiming not having any role in another questionable entity calling itself the "National Iranian American Council" (NIAC), Ghahary is known for having contributed financially to NIAC and at least financing their electoral advertisements. NIAC's leader is Titra Parsi who's also known for having tried to promote Khatami and his corrupt gang both in Sweden and the US, while a board member of the AIC.

In addition to some questionable Iranian financial sources, the group received financial contributions from organizations affiliated to Theresa Heinz Kerry's Tides Foundation and George Soros' s Open Society Institute.

Playing on the nationalistic feelings of young Iranians, NIAC claims not to target U.S.-Iran policy but in reality its' leader still pursues somehow acquiring the legitimization of the Islamic regime.

It, the NIAC, has recently promoted the creation of a Persian
Studies at Maryland University where one of its newly Appointed board members. Ahmad Karimi-Hakkak, has become its' director and is seeking 'cultural exchanges'. Another of NIAC's former board members and for a while treasurer, Babak talebi, was also at

Maryland University while it was using the name of the University to promote Khatami. Discovered, he was forced to cease his activities and close the website and illegally using the name of the university.

The third IAPAC co-founder, Faraj Ala-i who is also co-founder of Centillium Corporation and husband to Susan Akbarpoor who's aliases include Zahra Mashadi., Susan or Zahra Know for some very close ties to members of the Islamic regime and, especially, Hashemi Rafsanjani's daughter. The latter came to the U.S. as a refugee and soon showed her partisanship for the Islamic regime by advocating for an end of U.S. sanctions and even defending the regime's FM who was visiting Los Angeles.

She, Akbarpoor, was exposed at the end of 2004, for her activities
and ties by the investigative reporter Kenneth Timmermann. In an article entitled Dirty Moolahs, Akbarpoor/Mashadi activities have been drastically reduced, since the publication of this article. Openly managing and coordinating IAPAC's activities in Northern California, she has chosen to keep a very low profile. She's also the founder of "Silicon Iran" and "Iran Today".

Another controversial IAPAC figure is Gita Kashani who's a former head of the "Society of Iranian Professionals" (SIP) of N. California. Involved in the organization of some very controversial activities, Kashani was one of the main planners of "Technological trips to Iran", by unscrupulous U.S. researchers, scholars and businessmen, and a well known organizer of official exchange seminars in cities, such as, Esfahan.

It's to note that such actions are known to require the collaboration of the highest levels of the Islamic regime's Intelligence and Government, in order to take place.

She has since joined IAPAC and has increased her activities in a different way and which are more adapted to the current sensible circumstances.

The Honorable Clinton's contact references are:
Fax: 202) 228-0282, Phone: (202) 224-4451