Thursday, March 10, 2005

Briton accused of illegal transfer of technology to Iran detained

AFP, Iran Focus:
Polish police have detained a British citizen of Iranian origin wanted on an international arrest warrant on suspicion of trying to bring an experimental US plane to Iran, authorities said here Wednesday.

Ali Asghar Manzarpour "is accused of trying to export to Iran in 2004 an experimental Berkut 360 plane bought in the United States," Maciej Kujawski, spokesman at the Warsaw prosecutor's office, told AFP. read more

"The United States has demanded his extradition," he added. The US government restricts most trade to Iran, which it accuses of sponsoring international terrorism.

Manzarpour was arrested on February 16. Daily Zycie Warszawy reported that the man was arrested at Warsaw airport in a joint US-Polish operation. US authorities had been tracking Manzarpour via satellite and tipped off Polish police, the newspaper said.