Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Pakistani centrifuges being sent to IAEA at Iran’s request, says Kasuri

Pakistan's Daily Times reported today the Pakistan is sending "old and useless parts of outdated centrifuges" to the IAEA at the request of the Iranians to resolve the issue of highly enriched uranium that was found in Iran, according to Pakistan's foreign minister Mehmood Kasuri.

Iran had at one time denied that they ever purchased any centrifuges from Pakistan but when the IAEA found highly enriched uranium in Iran, they changed their story and claimed it must have been contaminated since the centrifuge originated from Pakistan. The IAEA is set to test the equipment in order to resolve the issue.

In a seperate development, Pakistan's foreign minister denied that Pakistan would ever permit a third country to use their territory to launch an attack on Iran, saying they have good relations with Iran.