Thursday, March 31, 2005

Sporadic clashes follow a more limited celebration in Iran

SMCCDI (Information Service):
Sporadic clashes took place, this evening, in several Iranian cities, such as, Greater Tehran, Ahwaz, Mashad, Rasht and Hamedan following Iran's win over N. Korea. READ MORE

In the Greater Tehran, contained sporadic clashes happened in Gohardasht, Mirdamad, Narmak, Rey and Vali-e-Asr districts as groups of celebrators retaliated to the brutal abuses made by regime's forces. Pieces of stones and bottles were used in retaliation to militiamen's use of clubs. Slogans against the Islamic regime's leaders and its mercenaries were shouted by protesters.

Several maverick young resistant, including females, were arrested and brought to regime's trucks.

Many areas, as reported earlier, were placed under intense watch and roadblocks were installed especially around Madar Square (Mohseni) and Shahrak Gharb. Plainclothes agents were massively deployed on feet, motorcycles or in banalized cars controlling and filtering any gathering of over two individuals. Such draconian set up helped the regime to stop or delay many from accessing these hot points areas.

In Ahwaz smaller street fights happened as regime's militiamen tried to stop groups of groups from dancing and chanting. Rasht, Mashad and Hamdean were also scenes of limited abuses and resistances.

Many phone numbers were out of orders, when calling from abroad, and the low level of communication from inside is also an indication of an increase of surveillance.

Additional and more provincial news are to be followed.