Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Hakha Movement: Overthrow of the Islamic Republic of Iran Will Occur on June 16, 2005

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WASHINGTON, June 14 /U.S. Newswire/ -- The following was released today by the The Hakha Movement for Freedom:

The Popular Hakha Movement for Freedom in Iran has called for peaceful uprisings on June 16th starting at 10 a.m. Tehran time of the current year against the oppressive and terrorist Islamic Republic of Iran. Under the leadership of Dr. Ahura-Pirouz Khaleghi Yazdi, the people will not rest until freedom and democracy have been established in Iran. The Iranian people have demanded and will take their self-determination. READ MORE

The aim of this national uprising is to overthrow the despotic regime in order to institute national self-determination, the principles of secular democracy, the doctrine of separation of church and state, the capacity for responsible self-government, the respect for individual and universal human rights and for the provision of institutions of ordered liberty essential for a free Iran.

"The Hakha Movement" is a freedom coalition of pro-democracy Iranians. Through messages transmitted 24 hours per day seven days per week into Iran via satellite television, radio, and the Internet, The Hakha Movement only preaches a method of peaceful non-cooperation through protests, boycotts, and sit-ins.

The Hakha Movement's "10 Principles" reject any form of violence and terrorist activities and promotes non-aggression. Therefore, the blame for any violent acts will lay with the terrorist Mullah regime or other organizations.

Dr. A.F.K. Yazdi has also called on the Revolutionary Guards and the paramilitary forces of the regime in Iran to help with this movement. According to the most recent reports directly from Iran, the Guards and Paramilitary Forces have shown marked differences in their attitude toward the people, and have joined the Movement to change the regime in Iran.

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While we appreciate Dr. Yazdi's desire to help bring a regime change in Iran, there appears to be a consensus that his approach to stage a demonstration on the 16th runs counter to the counsel being given the people of Iran by most other opposition movements.