Friday, June 10, 2005

Intervene and Protest Against IR Regime's Illegal Ballot Boxes On US Soil

SMCCDI (Urgent Action):
Dear Iranians, Dear Freedom Lovers,

The Islamic Republic (IR) regime has scheduled tens of illegal ballot boxes on the US soil. Such policy is nothing else than an illegal and desperate effort in order to legitimize its sham Presidential elections planned for June 17, 2005. Lacking of inside popular support and legitimacy, clerics are hoping that any outside participation can become an additional propaganda tool and an exchange token for their political survival that can give them a higher hand in their foreign negotiations.

Millions of enchained Iranians have already declared their firm intention to boycott such new masquerade and have shown their deep rejection of the theocratic regime. Despite all dangers, Iranians have sized many occasions, such as, the last soccer game, played between Iran and Bahrain, in order to riot against dictatorship and tyranny, and to send a clear message that "they don't want an Islamic republic !".

This year, more than ever, there is a moral duty and an urgency to protest against clerics new demagoguery and illegal activities.

As most of you are aware, since the dark and shameful episode of the 1979 US Embassy's hostages, there are no diplomatic relations between the United States of America and the terrorist regime in Iran. In addition, due to the US sanctions against the IR regime, it's against US regulations for the clerical leadership to deploy its agents on the US soil. IR's officials and its registered agents deployed in New York (at the United Nations) and in Washington DC (at IR's Interest Section in the Embassy of Pakistan) are prohibited to travel beyond a certain limited area (in NY no more than 12 miles and in WDC not past 25 miles of their offices). But according to the IR's laws any ballot box has to be monitored by a regime official representative. Therefore it's both against the US regulations and the IR's laws for any such voting stations to be set up throughout the U.S.

The IR regime, knowing that its activities are illegal with regard to the hoax presidency elections, has begun distributing mailed flyers urging Iranians of 16 years and older to vote. Some Iranians who are fearing for their families or are afraid to be forbidden from traveling to Iran or still have some assets in their motherland are thinking to have been forced by this way to participate in these so-called elections. It is of a deep concern that the US Postal Office has given such blackmailing power to the renegade IR regime as a permit for sending bulk mail should be normally against the existing US sanctions.

IR's official website, listed on the mailed flyers and set for this new masquerade ( ), is already listing US, cities, such as, Oklahoma City (OK), Cleveland and Columbus (OH), Chicago (IL), Scottsdale (AZ), Philadelphia (PA), Nashville (TN), Atlanta (GA), Tampa (FL), Denver (CO), Boston (MA), Potomac and Baltimore (MD), St. Louis (MO), Jackson (MS), East Lansing and Detroit (MI), Minneapolis (MN), Ft. Lee and Tinek (NJ), Manhattan (NY), Manassas (VA), Washington (DC), Milwaukee (WI), San Francisco/Oakland and San Jose and Ontario and Orange County/Irvine dale and Downy and San Diego (CA), Houston (TX).

The IR leadership is planning to announce up to 40 US cities in which ballot boxes will be organized and where IR regime's agents will be deployed. Their 'election' website has been registered by one of their agents named Rajabali Hassanain who's the webmaster of the IR Interest Section in WDC ( ) and who's also a responsible for a commercial web hosting company named

Some of the IR ballot boxes will, most likely, be set up in different hotels where certain regime's operatives have reserved meeting rooms under false pretences. Others will be set up in cultural or religious buildings financed or linked indirectly and at some degree to the IR regime. Some of these organizations are believed to benefit also of the US Charities Tax Exempt Status which forbid their use for political purpose.

Such alarming facts should bring the US authorities, such as, the White House, the Department of State, the Office of Homeland Security and The FBI to react and to insure security and respect of law. In that line, a joint public letter, endorsed by Aryo B. Pirouznia of SMCCDI, Roxanne Ganji of IRIC and Roozbeh Farahanipoor of Marzeporgohar has already been sent to the US authorities. The letter dated May 26, 2005 was pointing to the illegal facts and the dangers posed to Iranians and Americans due to the deployment of tens of IR agents on the US soil and the illegality of these so-called ballot boxes.

Dear Iranians, Dear Americans, Dear Freedom Lovers,

As you may remember four years ago, during the last sham IR Presidential elections, the clerics' desperation for votes prompted them to illegally set up voting stations in the U.S. Such desperate attempts to legitimize an illegitimate government were met with hostile rallies and opposition. These protest actions were instigated by most secularist political groups, especially SMCCDI which carried a well recognized mission of information and coordination, and hundreds of freedom loving Iranians, and resulted in the exposing of the IR regime's fraudulent elections. In cities, such as, Los Angeles many of the voting stations were shut down as the fraudulent ballot boxes were found. The vigilance and commitment of SMCCDI members and Iranians residing in N. Texas forced the regime to avoid Dallas.

Reuters news agency covered the case and increased the shame faced by the IR regime which was caught at its own propaganda game. The article written by Jill Seargent on 6/07/01 was stating: {Calls for a boycott by anti-clerical activists and sharp divisions among Iranians who made their home here after the 1979 Islamic Revolution have forced the closure of all seven local polling places that were intended to give the estimated 500,000 expatriates a voice in Iran's election, according to checks by Reuters....The Los Angeles polling places - most of then in posh local hotels - were among 50 sites across the United States set up to allow Iranians to take part in the political process....The opposition "Student Movement Coordination Committee for Democracy in Iran" (SMCCDI) claimed credit for many of the closures. Allied with 12 other Iranian opposition groups, it called on Iranians in the United States to boycott the makeshift polling places, saying the election was a sham "intended to simulate a show of legitimacy for the Islamic Republic."...We have been to these hotels and shown them documents about human rights abuses in Iran. We have told them that there will be protests at any future Iranian events. We let them think about the consequences," said SMCCDI spokesman Aryo Pirouznia....The SMCCDI said that as of yesterday 18 of the 50 polling sites nationwide had been cancelled, with another 11 hotels reconsidering their participation. Three Los Angeles hotels decided this week to cancel arrangements to act as polling sites, citing pressure or threats from local Iranians opposed to the government...."We have canceled the event as a result of comments from the local community. Our goal is to stay neutral," said Katie Callahan, director of sales and marketing of the Century Plaza hotel....An Armenian Society cultural group in Glendale also decided to back out as a site, after what one Iranian source said was a dispute among the executive board. Iran is home to a large population of Armenian Christians....Two other area hotels told Reuters they had no knowledge of any Iranian event. The voting sites, listed on the Internet, were arranged after resolution of a dispute between the conservative Guardian Council, which oversees the election, and Iran's foreign ministry.}

This year, there is once again the need for Iranians, Iranian-Americans and Americans to back those inside Iran and to stand up against the fraudulent actions of a terrorist and tyrannical regime which is so desperate for votes that it has to make them up via fake ballots.

We need anyone knowing the exact location of these sham ballot boxes, on June 17th, to notify us!!! The IR operatives will be moving them constantly!

Your help is valuable in order for this campaign to succeed!

You can call (214) 906-8181 or (972) 504-6864 (by leaving a detailed message) or sending a deatilled email to: (Please to specify in subject line: Illegal Ballot Boxes).

We need Iranian-Americans and Americans to ask from their governants to stop the IR regime from deploying its agents and to use the U.S. soil for such as farce that is the organization of ballot boxes. READ MORE

There are about 400 so-called IR regime diplomats in the U.S. (at the UN and at its Interest Section at Pakistan's Embassy). Why so many???

Many of them are known for promoting the IR backwarded ideology among American Muslims. When such as danger should be stopped???

Dear Iranians, Dear Freedom Lovers,

In Europe, Oceania, Asia, Africa and all other American countries: Gather in front of the IR regime's Embassies and Consulates!!! Size the date of June 17th and make it a day of massive rejection of the Islamic regime!!!

Respond to the calls of millions of enchained Iranians who are hoping that you'll help them voicing up!!!

We need all freedom loving Iranians to once again boycott such illegitimate attempts for the mullahs to stay in power.

The lives and future of millions of Iranians inside Iran and the World's peace and stability are at stake.

If boycotts and protests are actively attended, the governments of Western Democracies will support the Iranian people in their fight to bring democracy and freedom back to Iran. This is because it is in the best interest of all civilized, democratic societies to not allow such an evil regime to hold Iranians and the mankind in general as hostage.

The stakes are higher than ever before. We must continue the fight and increase its momentum this year!

There is only one Iran and it needs our help more than ever!!! The fate of our Iran is in your hands and the world is watching!

Please stand up, take notice, and take back our homeland once and for all !
Please participate in the nearest protest gathering to show your rejection of the theocratic regime !

At this time, even Iranians who voted in the last 2 elections are calling for a boycott. Remember that voting outside is a justification of crimes going on inside.
This is a combat against the existence of evil and can only be won if we stand all together!!!

Millions are looking for your responsible and prompt action!!!

United we Stand!
Divided we fall!

The "Student Movement Coordination Committee for Democracy in Iran" (SMCCDI).
If you live in one of these cities listed above, read the entire article and see how you can help shut down the plans of the Islamic Republic.