Monday, June 13, 2005

Timmerman on Bill O'Reilly Tonight to discuss his new book on Iran

Ken Timmerman's new book, Countdown to Crisis is set to be released tomorrow.
The book claims it will change the way Americans think about the Islamic Republic of Iran. It will contain 50 pages of exclusive documents and photos.

I am told the Ken will appear tonight on the Fox News Bill O'Reilly show to discuss the book. I will be interviewing Ken myself soon and will publish it here.

His press release says:

Timmerman, who has covered the Middle East, terrorism, and weapons proliferation for more than two decades, has crisscrossed the globe, providing the definitive and thoroughly documented word on the dangers we face from the Islamic Republic of Iran. To provide the whole story—a story that no other reporter or commentator can piece together—Timmerman reproduces more than forty pages of previously unpublished documents and photographs that lay bare the Iranian threat.

Countdown to Crisis reveals:


  • The first-ever inside account of Iran’s clandestine nuclear weapons program—exposing how the mullahs could already have enough nuclear material for 20 to 25 bombs
  • The secret locations where Iran has been sheltering bin Laden—and the terrorist attacks they now are jointly planning against America and our allies
  • How U.S. intelligence has consistently ignored warnings about Iran’s secret nuclear program—and how United Nations officials, most notably Hans Blix, blew repeated chances to shut it down
  • Stunning new evidence of Iran’s involvement in the 9/11 plotincluding documents the CIA tried to withhold from the 9/11 Commission

Ø Iranian intelligence operatives trained 9/11 plotters in explosives, document forgery, and secure communications, and also provided passports and safe haven

  • How an Iranian defector gave the CIA two months’ advance warning of a “massive attack on America” scheduled for September 11, 2001—but how the Agency brushed him off, and then, after 9/11, tried to smear and discredit him
  • How the CIA knew about Iran’s ties to bin Laden and al-Qaeda long before the September 11 attacks, but failed to act on its own information
  • An insider’s account of how top Iranian leaders negotiated directly with North Korea’s Supreme Leader to secure nuclear weapons assistance—a story that Timmerman can tell for the first time based on his exclusive access to Iranian intelligence information
  • How Iran worked on nuclear weapons hand-in-glove with the infamous A. Q. Khan network—with help from Germany, Switzerland, Russia, and China
  • The blockbuster story of the U.S. congressman who became so frustrated by the CIA’s refusal to act on intelligence that bin Laden was in Iran that he actually contacted a bounty hunter to capture the Saudi
  • How Iran’s leaders continue to finance the insurgents in Iraq, including the infamous terrorist Abu Musab Zarqawi
  • Dramatic new evidence that Iran may have been behind the downing of TWA Flight 800 in 1996—and that White House counterterrorism adviser Richard Clarke steered the intelligence community away from a terrorism investigation of the attack
  • An eye-opening look at the brutality of an Iranian regime that will stop at nothing to preserve its absolute power

Ø Timmerman provides an exclusive eyewitness account of the Iranian regime’s ruthless murder of a key opponent and an inside account of the mullahs’ crackdown on dissident students

To get the complete story on Iran’s radical Islamic regime, Timmerman traveled around the world, taking the reader into secret terrorist gatherings in Tehran, into tense meetings in the White House, to debriefings at an obscure CIA outpost in Azerbaijan, to diplomatic face-offs in the Kremlin, and too many other spots along the way. His extensive investigative reporting allows him to expose the Iranian threat in a way no other writer has ever done.

Having read this other books, I can assure you it will be a valuable additon to the recent works on Iran.