Thursday, September 29, 2005

If you want sanctions, I am not with you

Iranian blogger, Mr. Bedhi:
The recent decision by the IAEA (UN nuclear watch dog) has unleashed a clear fear and also another set of empty statements inside and from the Iranian diplomacy. Iran has opened it's economy to Europe, India and China with the illusion that they may go against any rough decision in IAEA or UN and that failed in a very ridiculous way. I do not know much about politics but even to me it is not clear what the Iranian policy is up to:
* If they wanted nuclear technology and wanted to enrich, what did they accept something more than NPT in the first place?

* If they want a peaceful technology really, why they are now warning the world that they will get out of the NPT?
I grew up under war and sanctions, I do not want to see Iran under sanction again. This government cares about it's ideology first and then the people. That is insane. Who said that we should cut relations with US and pay this huge price. This is enough.