Friday, September 23, 2005

Mullah Kashani: "Americans better come to their senses soon or else..."

Iran Press News: Translation by Banafsheh Zand-Bonazzzi

The geriatric Mullah Emami-Kashani, the temporary Friday prayer leader, spoke out at the Friday prayers spectacle, addressing the issues of the regime's nuclear dossier: "The Islamic regime's ideology is completely opposed to the building of any kind of atomic bombs and any type of killing of innocent people; we highly recommend that these Americans come to their senses soon and not embarrass themselves anymore in front of the world. We're not after making bombs or missiles...we're not like these Europeans and Americans who bomb the Japanese. READ MORE

Our ideology doesn't permit us to have nuclear weapons to throw on the heads of old men, children, women, the blind and crippled, doing away with people who are not at war. This is the kind of stuff that only these Americans do. These loudmouth Americans who are claiming we make bombs, are only looking to ostracize the Islamic Republic. Our honorable and valiant president, in order to gain the trust of the world, has even generously offered these foreigners and other countries (!) to partner with us in the expansion of our nuclear development though we really don't need their money; the regime wants to make scientific and humanitarian use of this [development] and westerners only want to use it for Satanic purposes. These Westerners have made life acrimonious. Suicide rates in those European countries have escalated and their family value system debauched. Western youth are depraved and sinister."

Editor's note: Various NGO's around the world as well as Iranian activist groups have documentation and data that completely negates Kashani's claims. As an example, the suicide rate of women and Iranian youth has skyrocketed and the non-existent missiles that he refers to were on display in the Thursday, Sept. 22nd's military parade commemoration ceremonies marking the anniversary of the Iran/Iraq war. The human rights violations of the Mullahs are well documented by many HR organizations and the office of United Nations High Commissioner of Human Rights as well. Despite all the documents and reliable data that exist, as a matter of policy, the Mullah big lie machine encourages clerics and functionaries to continue lying and projecting a false image Iran to the rest of the world.