Tuesday, September 06, 2005

US agrees with France sale of VIP planes to Iran

Iran mania:
Americans have finally agreed with France’s sale of the VIP aircraft to Iran, MNA said. READ MORE

The French government has reached an agreement with US over the sale of the VIP planes to Iran however, discussions are in their preliminary stages, noted Monday, Managing Director of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Airlines (Homa) Davud Keshavarzian.

Referring to the issue of transferring all foreign flights from Mehrabad Airport to the newly constructed Imam Khomeini International Airport (IKIA) he said, “Homa does not agree with the transfer of all the flights to the airport”, Iranian Students News Agency reported.

The official who was making the comments in a farewell presentation held to mark the contribution made by the former head of the Road Maintenance and Road Transport Organization also maintained that, with the government’s allocation of 500 mln dollars fund to Homa for its purchases of new airliners the airline company would not be facing any problems.

Elsewhere in his comments he referred to the purchase of the Russian aircraft Fokker from Brazil and noted that the airliners will this week join the Islamic Republic’s air fleet. He said that the first plane would arrive on Monday and the rest two will land in the country’s soil on Saturday or Sunday.

The company manufacturing Fokker planes was bankrupted in 1996 and is currently operating under the name of Rekkof. It is now looking for an Iranian partner to produce Fokker in Iran.