Monday, December 19, 2005

Former miltiaman gunned down in Sanandaj

SMCCDI (Information Service):
A former Militia officer was gunned down in the western City of Sannandaj by un-identified assailants. The victim named "Darioush Tchapari" was officially a retired member of the "Pasdaran Corp." (Islamist Revolutionary Guards).

No reason has been advanced for his murder but local rumors are stating about the involvement of the regime's intelligence circles as Tchapari was known for openly criticizing many aspects of the daily life and his regret to have taken part in "the creation of a monster".

The later had resigned from the Ideological force which is supposed to protect the Islamic system and had opened a small brokerage business. READ MORE

Other former Militia officers have been murdered by the Intelligence circles of the Islamic republic regime due to their open criticism of the system and their relative popularity among their comrades. One of them was a Militia’s Colonel who was killed, just few months ago, in Tehran by unknown assailants.

The fear of the regime from a rebellion among the Revolutionary Guards is very high as this Elite corp. is supposed to be the last defense of the Theocracy. But many of its elder officers, who are bound to each other due to several years of war against the Iraqi aggressor, are known for having been dischanted by the regime and its leadership.

One of the most famous of them was Brigadier General Dozdoozani who, along with several of his officers, stood against the Islamic regime by signing the public letter entitled “We the Combatants!

The letter which was an unprecedented open attack against the Islamic regime was denouncing the corruption and injustices brought by the theological structure and the refusal of its endorsers to “wear from now on, a uniform which is symbol of injustice and repression”.

Dozdoozani and his officers faced the regime’s death squad but their murders broke the artificial myth of the uniformity of this ideological military wing.