Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Evidence of Air Craft Sabotage? Before and After

Fars News Agency: Is there evidence of an explosion from inside the aircraft?

The pictures above are from an Iranian military plane which crashed in Orumiye, northwest of the country, on Monday, killing all 13 people aboard. The plane, a falcon, came down in Orumiyeh, near the Turkish border.

Mehran Riazaty comment: After 33 days a second military plane crashed in Iran. Anyone looking at the above pictures can see that the plane broke into three large pieces and not into small pieces as with the c130 military plane which crashed on December 6, 05 in Tehran. Although, IRGC spokesman Jazayeri is saying the pilot managed to land the plane on a road but bad weather prevented him making a full stop, leading to the crash.

The question is could anyone trust Jazayeri’s words? Could we assume that this was inside job! These days, there are internal conflicts between former Iran’s speaker of Parliament, Mehdi Kahrubi, Ayatollah Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, Chairman of the Expediency Council, and other moderates with the President Ahmadinejad and his mentor Ayatollah Mossabah Yazdi.

The Ahmadinejad’s gang is trying to dismiss the word “Republic” and call the Iranian regime the Islamic government of Iran. Earlier, Ayatollah Mossabah Yazdi said that Ayatollah Khomeini did not really want to use the word “Republic” and the vote of the people is not what really counts in the Islamic government, after all, the word of the Fagih or Vilayat Fagih is above the law and people’s vote. But, Kahrubi, Rafsanjani, and others are saying that Khomeini respected the people’s vote and that is why he called his new regime the Islamic Republic of Iran not the Islamic government of Iran.

We also should not forget that Ahmadinejad was strongly supported by members of the Revolutionary Guards and the Basij (the Islamic mobilized resistance force)!