Friday, February 03, 2006

Iran Redeploys Shihab-3 Missiles

Middle East Newsline:
Iran, concerned over an Israeli or U.S. attack, has ordered the redeployment of its Shihab-3 intermediate-range missile force. Western intelligence sources said the Islamic Revolutionary Guard has received orders to move Shihab-3 launchers in an attempt to prevent their destruction in an Israeli or U.S. air strike. The sources said the launchers were relocated to positions near the Iraqi border closer to U.S. military positions around Baghdad.

"The IRGC has been placed on war-footing," an intelligence source said. "The Shihab-3 units have been alerted to the prospect of an immediate strike."

The sources said the IRGC issued an order to the Shihab-3 missile units on Jan. 19. They said the units were ordered to move the Shihab launchers every 24 hours.