Friday, March 24, 2006

Iran is the brains and the heart of Islam and is the perpetuator of Islamic terrorism worldwide.

Randy Taylor, Northeast Intelligence Network:
Every time the nuclear issue heats up and there is posturing by Iran and the United States over Iran's nuclear plans, Iran reaches into their bag of distractions and makes a play for the global media’s attention to shift the focus from the immediate threat.

Let’s see what it was this time around. Oh yes, they wanted to discuss the situation in Iraq with us. Bam, it was flashed by the media worldwide and the nuclear issue suddenly became quiet again. This will last for a couple of weeks.

As we look back, the second to last time was when there was a meeting of the IAEA where the result was to report Iran to the U.N. Security Council. Things started to heat up, Iran threatened the US as scripted and suddenly there was front page, worldwide furor over cartoons depicting the supposed prophet Mohammed in true Islamic fashion - with a bomb in his turban. It struck me as odd that the cartoons were several months old but until the Islamic state and center of global terrorism, (a/k/a) Iran, made a stink about it, the cartoons went pretty much unnoticed. But the distraction served its purpose and once again the global media shifted the focus to Islam, once again offended by being depicted in the true light by a non-Muslim when the real issue is insane Islamic criminals having nuclear arsenals. READ MORE

Let’s go back to mid 2005 and review another distraction engineered by Iran and her allies. A bomb blast goes off in Lebanon, orchestrated by Syrian Intelligence at Iran’s request. I watched films of rubble, arm chair politicians and analysts for months. Strange, all through April, May and June of 2005, the focus of the world was on Iran resuming their nuclear enrichment program, although they were strongly warned in May 2005 by the European Union that if they resumed they were facing economic isolation in Europe. The details of the warning in May 2005 weren’t slated to be delivered to Iran until the end of July 2005. Unfortunately (gee that’s weird) the entire issue went to the back burner because of the assassination in Lebanon. Once again, perfect distraction, as planned by Iran.

So when do we quit playing games with these people and actually pursue action against them, uninterrupted?

I think that there is a severe misunderstanding of the true threat Iran poses and has been for the last thirty years. Iran is the brains and the heart of Islam and is the perpetuator of Islamic terrorism worldwide. This isn’t simply about a nuclear threat. This about a fanatical ideology threat that is infecting the world we live in. Once Osama Bin Laden and Iran joined forces after we attacked the Taliban and forced al Qaeda into the mountains, we watched the accelerated metamorphosis of radical Islam as it affected every single country on this planet. Al Qaeda didn’t do this all on their own. Their effectiveness and ability to franchise terror as they have done was not a stroke of luck on their part. This entire Islamic movement against the “non-believers” has been carefully planned and executed for at least 4 or 5 decades. The term “al Qaeda” translates into “the base”. The true base, however, is Iran and has been for some time. Iran, Islam and al Qaeda are a trilogy of sorts. A sick, demented, well financed, evil trilogy that is self appointed to bring the world to destruction for what they deem to be “the glory of Allah”.

Our counter-terrorism agents here and abroad work very hard every day to safeguard the United States and her assets against terrorism. I applaud and appreciate them. However, the real, relentless, repeated terrorism in its full form hasn’t been unleashed against the “Great Satan” because Tehran hasn’t ordered it--yet. Tehran hasn’t given the word yet to the thousands of sleeper cell members here in the United States to begin the attacks that are planned to be executed within this country.

September 11, 2001 was a small taste of Islam showing its hatred for the people here in this country. Osama Bin Laden planned and orchestrated this horrendous act and the United States actually responded in a stronger fashion than was expected since they were used to a “Bill Clinton” type response. This massive retaliation by the United States presented a real problem to Iran as it didn’t fit in their well planned timeline for a war with the United States and Israel. Iran had to reel al Qaeda in by using the promise of the destruction of the west, primarily and foremost the perceived “Great Satan” which is the United States. The United States and Israel are the only real threats to Iran as everyone else either trades with them, or generally ignores the looming problem there. Provoking two countries that will not hesitate to bomb Iran back to the stone-age before Iran is fully able to launch the necessary nuclear weapons terrified Iran. If we attack them before they are fully armed, Islamic terror will be set back considerably as the official state “base” will be no more. (Hopefully uninhabitable for decades, buts that’s just wishful thinking). If we uproot Islam right now, they will suffer. But they will regroup, take over another country in the region with oil reserves and start over, just like they did in the 80’s when they overthrew the Shah of Iran.

Al Qaeda will not officially attack here in any way, shape or form until Iran gives the order to do so. This is why Iran has the ability to threaten the United States with “harm and pain” as they did just before the latest organized distraction. The cells are here. The weapons are here. The order to attack hasn’t been issued yet. Be advised. As we pressure Iran or threaten them, we need to be prepared here for the unimaginable, the terror that we think we are safe from. When the official word from Iran comes down to attack, there will be no doubt in anyone’s mind that it is “official”. Any remote, small acts between now and then will most likely be loners, single cell operations operating outside the official chain of command.

Be safe. Stay alert.