Saturday, March 18, 2006

Iran to reject UNSC resolution if ignored

Iranian Foreign Minister Manoucehr Mottaki announced unless Iran's nuclear energy rights are not taken into consideration, they will not accept a United Nations Security Council's decision on Iran. READ MORE

In his statement to journalists after meeting with foreign country ambassadors, Mottaki said the continuation of nuclear research is the basic demand of Iran in negotiations, according to

The minister drew attention to the different opinions among Council members considering Iran’s nuclear dossier.

Mottaki, saying Iran's nuclear right should be given due attention in the council’s resolution, noted: "Otherwise, we will not accept it.. If they take into account our right, we will take into account the Security Council's decisions."

Mottaki said there are countries that believe in Iran's nuclear right on the Security Council, and hoped the council members take “logical and conscientious decisions."