Sunday, March 05, 2006

"The only way is to set their entire world on fire"

Iran Press News: Translation by Banafsheh Zand-Bonazzi.
The weekly newspaper, PARTOW'EH SOKHAN, the mouthpiece of Mullah Messbah-Yazdi (also known as "Professor Crocodile"), Ahamdinejad's spiritual advisor, in its most recent issue called for a more active and increased deployment of the suicide missions that can also be aided by Islamist terrorists. The article published the locations of several of the training camps for Islamist terrorist operations in Qom and added: "The world has decided to antagonize us and therefore the only way to protect and promote the ascendancy of the Islamic rule is to set their entire world on fire and the only way to achieve that is through the expansion and increase of suicide missions."

Referencing one of Khomeini's speeches where he had touched on the subject of the "Essentiality of Peoples Voice", the article also wrote: "Up until now, it had never crossed anyone’s minds that the Imam's intention was that the common people would be so audacious as to permit themselves to get involved in the divine rule. The meaning of this phrase is not what people thought it was and if anything, the phrase has been misinterpreted. People have no rights and count for nothing in an Islamic rule; it is God that reveals his commandments to the supreme leader, Imams and Ayatollahs in order for them to carry out. How can the average and ordinary people who are all sinners and complete idiots be permitted to express their opinions when there are superiors like Khamnei are in charge? Imam Khomeini's meaning when he used the word 'voice' in that phrase was 'to see'; in other words people are only there are spectators, nothing more. The measure of the legitimacy and authority of the Islamic rule is not in the majority vote of the people; in general people are too stupid to be involved in a process for which they are simply not qualified."
No wonder democracy is not taken seriously by Ahmadinejad.