Thursday, April 27, 2006

Friday's Daily Briefing on Iran

DoctorZin reports, 4.28.2006:

Hours before IAEA report, Iranian President remains defiant.
  • Deutsche Welle reported that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad remained defiant saying his country "will not bow to injustice and pressure," the day before a UN deadline to stop sensitive nuclear work expires. "Thanks to God, we are a nuclear state."
Russia and China: Don't antagonize Iran.
  • The Financial Times reported that Russia and China on Thursday warned against escalating the dispute over Iran’s nuclear program.
Germany suggests US/Iran nuclear talks.
  • reported that Germany's foreign minister suggested that the United States and Iran could hold direct discussions on the Islamic republic's nuclear standoff with the West if Tehran agrees to talk to Washington about the chaos in Iraq.
France seeks military option against Iran.
  • Dow Jones Newswires reported that France wants any U.N. resolution on Iran's nuclear program to come under Chapter 7 of the U.N. charter, allowing for sanctions or possibly military force.
US seeks UNSC meeting on Iran next Wednesday.
  • The Wall Street Journal reported that the U.S. had already asked for a Security Council meeting for next Wednesday to discuss the IAEA report due out Friday and how to respond to it.
US House tighten sanctions on Iran.
  • The Washington Post reported that the US House overwhelmingly approved legislation to tighten sanctions against Iran, rejecting administration arguments that tougher sanctions could be an obstacle to international efforts to prevent the Tehran government from developing nuclear weapons.
Iran purchases nuclear capable missiles able to reach Europe.
  • Haaretz reported that Iran has purchased surface-to-surface missiles from North Korea with a range of 2,500 kilometers. The new weapons pose a threat for countries in Europe and are able to carry a nuclear warhead.
Iran cannot block the Straits of Hormuz?
  • Middle East Newsline reported that the Center for Strategic and International Studies said the Iranian military has failed to procure the platforms or weapons required to block the Straits of Hormuz.
Iran to launch Oil Stock Exchange next week.
  • TMCNet reported that Oil Minister Kazem Vaziri Hamaneh said that the Oil Stock Exchange will be launched in Iran in the next week.
Iraq's election of new prime minister a declaration of independence from Iran?
  • reported that the most important fact about Iraq's new prime minister, Jawad al-Maliki's election is that it's a modest declaration of independence from Iran.
Here are a few other news items you may have missed.
  • MosNews reported that the Secretary of Iranian Supreme National Security Council Ali Larijani accused the United States of using the territory of Iran’s neighbor, Azerbaijan, against the Islamic republic.
  • The Financial Times reported some of Iran’s most senior clerics issued rulings this week condemning a decision by President Mahmoud Ahmadi-Nejad allowing women to sit in the stands at top matches.
  • Banafsheh Zand-Bonazzi is reporting that the controversial Iranian Nobel laureate Shirin Ebadi is going to be on Oprah Winfrey. Iranian opposition groups are organizing efforts to stop the broadcast.