Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Unfortunately I need to ban a few people.

It appears the regime and their supporters are getting more frantic and have recently begun posting bizarre and rude and insulting comments on our posts.

I have been accused of things that are untrue and will not permit this site to used as a platform for supporters of the Iranian regime to slander me
. The following are individuals who were posting comments on the site.

First, "Martik" and "Progressive."
They share the same computer in San Francisco. I was accused of being an employee of the CIA or some kind of government employee. I do not work for the CIA or any other government agency, I am not, Marjan, PIW (other posters on the site), not do I do anonymous comment posting. I am an American who supports the efforts of Iranian people to replace the existing regime with a real democracy. I have underwritten the costs of the site but recently some of our readers have begun supporting this work monthly. With your support there is much more that we can do that we simply do not have funds for.

Second, "Tehrani", "Cyrus", "Ferhat", "Janus" and "Ali."
They are all posting from the same location inside of Iran. I have evidence that this is an organized effort from inside of Iran. You may have noticed that we typically have one Iranian reader online at all times. Since this blog is banned by Iranian ISP's you can surmise who they are.

To all those that post here:

I do not have time to moderate all the comments posted here, so I need you to observe a few ground rules.

I feel a need to warn these readers that if they engage in rude, insulting, or profane language they will be banned from further posts here.

This applies to all who post here. I suggest all those who post here read our comments policy again.

If you appreciate out work and would like to join us by contributing to the work, please do so now. It will be greatly appreciated. You may write us at the address here or click here:

Update: Due to aggressive efforts by regime supporters to cause problems here I have decided to moderate the comments. This will require me to approve all comments first. This will cause a delay this in your comments appearing. I apologize.