Monday, June 12, 2006

Women activists and supporters beaten up in the Capital

SMCCDI (Information Service):
Tens of women activists and their supporters, including redempted Islamist reformists, were beaten or taken to jail following the regime's crackdown on a peaceful gathering. The demonstrators who were gathered, this evening, in the 7 Tir Square of the Iranian Capital were seeking the obtention of the backwarded and Islamist Gender Apartheid Policy.

Official security forces, including Islamist female agents named by most Iranians as "Black Crows" (due to their black veils), used of clubs, chains and Tear-Gas spray against helpless and maverick women who were shouting slogans against the regime and one of its main ideological basis which is gender discrimination.

Many demonstrators were seen with broken noses or injuries to their heads and blood was noticeable on the asphalt and the side walks.

Security forces had closed most accesses to the area before the start of the crackdown in an effort to put a stop to the increasing crowd.